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Sigh... I wanted to vote 5 but accidentally pressed 4 :(

Epic job, great animation! Love the story and turnarounds!

That was very creative, if I can suggest something, why not display this on public places? Any way, I agree with the reviewers below me!

As always, great animation, great point. I hope my 5 stars will fill you with joy.

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Half a star because 1. it's an obvious copy of a boring mobile game genre (I know those games existed before, but back then it was a different niche and it was meant for a different casual consumer) 2. I highly, highly doubt it recieved such a high rating without cheating (vote bots or something). I can't blam it though because it's not actually stolen, or is visually of absolutely amateur quality (it's maybe a little over the top with the effects, and there were some bugs) Nor will I give it one star becuase it lags horribly on this rather fast computer (core i5, 8Gb ram). So half a star suits well.

Ahh the original... So much better then the stupendous, ridiculous jump in Android/iOS versions.

The achievements were nicely challenging, you get 4 good stars for being a lil' creative, putting effort and making a fun game. I'd give you 5 or 4.5 but I reserve those for epicly epic games of epic manners... Privet bratic :)

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Fantastic duo


Thank me later

Grillpie responds:

dont do that

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+1 just nice art. That's what I wanna see in the museum ;)

(BTW he thought the same thing - that no stars means that you're not decided and you don't give any, like neutral or so.)

jagondudo responds:

what museum? he though what? who?

I wish you'd make models for me =P

Very nice dude. I rate only srsly COOOL things here so that means you've done it really good.

Btw I'm a free-time free-game developer(PC). If you wanna team up contact me =D But I think you won't cos' I rly suck at programming =(


Dude this is so cool, I stopped breathing. So deep so nice so AWSOME.
And just one frame..

Oh man you'll make money in hollywood with this...

MRXII responds:

Jesus, this thing is dangerous! >.>
Nah, I think the effect specialists can do this with their eyes shut and hands tied to a hungry tiger. =|
But hey, glad you like it. =)


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